UofT Opera | Emma Bergin, 2nd year Masters, takes us through DAY TWO in NYC.
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Emma Bergin, 2nd year Masters, takes us through DAY TWO in NYC.

Emma Bergin, 2nd year Masters, takes us through DAY TWO in NYC.

We had an early start this morning in sunny New York City, But the weather made it all the more easy. After another stop at our favourite diner, The Flame, for a little breakfast (and by little, I mean HUGE portions of a classic diner brunch), we were back to The Metropolitan Opera for a masterclass with Donald Palumbo.

We were lucky enough to have Donald visit us last week for coachings and a Masterclass at University of Toronto Faculty of Music. Each of our singers was able to spend time with Donald to explore their “perfect vowel” and what it meant to produce a clean and professional sound. To have another masterclass with him, and in the beautiful Liszt Hall, was an experience we’ll never forget. We spent an hour and a half watching and learning from Korin Thomas-Smith, Adam Kuiack, and Matthew Cairns’ time with Donald.

After the Masterclass we were able to sit in on part of a Metropolitan Opera Chorus rehearsal, where they were rehearsing the men’s chorus from Götterdammerung. It was cool to see Donald “in action” as he worked with the men. They gave us scores to follow and welcomed us with open arms as they asked us questions about our school and what we do on a regular day. University of Toronto Opera is such a unique and incredible program, so it’s always fun to explain the basis of our program to other people who understand the importance of performance based focus and the experience that this program gives us.

Then, one of the most looked forward to activities, the FREE AFTERNOON! This gave the singers time to wander around and explore the city. I went off with Korin, Adam, and Midori to explore Central Park and everything around it. We ate a pie on a rock, took touristy photos on the bridge, visited the Plaza Hotel (to live our best Eloise at the Plaza dreams), ate Macaroons and wandered down 5th Ave. Some others wandered the city in search of good coffee, good food, and visiting MoMA The Museum of Modern Art

We eventually all joined together at a Greek restaurant for a delicious meal that we were able to share with UofT Opera Alumna Katherine Whyte. She gave us a little inside look as to what being a cover at The Met was like, all while sharing fun stories from her time at UofT. It’s always nice to meet and talk to our alumni who have gone off to live and work in professional careers.

Then, to end the night we saw an INCREDIBLE production of Don Giovanni. Hilarious, dramatic, and a beautiful throw back for the second years (as Don Giovanni was our very first production with UofT Opera).

This trip so far as been such a beautiful time. We’ve been able to work and share memories with our friends. Thank you to Richard and Donna Holbrook for such a memorable experience.